Organising an event is already hard enough.

We move your crowd

you provide the experience!

Organising an event is already hard enough.

We move your crowd

you provide the experience!

Concepts with 
one click

We help you provide solutions to get your guests to your location! With the click of a button you can plan and realize concepts for your guests. No matter if you’re in the countryside or the city centre, we can be your mobility partner!


By creating concepts based on populatation data, we can significantly lower the risk of unused busses. If you’re still concerned about potential financial risks we provide an insurance model to fully protect you and your guests.


By working together with local bus- and transportation companies we can keep both approach routes of busses short and emissions low. With this approach, we can help event organisers reduce the emissions caused by guests by up to 80 per cent.

Data based stop selection

Combining insights you already have about your target demographic with data-backed location analysis allowsus to automatically select the optimal stops for busses to your event.

Dynamic optimization

For a lot of events, most tickets are sold during the last week before the event, when it's often too late to make signnificant changes to the mobility concept. We employ modern algorithms to predict surges in ticket sales beforehand and optimize our concepts accordingly.

Automated vehicle booking

We find the best local companies for conducting all arising bus trips. By working together with local bus companies we can keep approach distances for each individual bus low. This also helps further decrease a concepts carbon footprint.

Efficiently coordinated trips

Most event guests arrive either all at one time, which makes the current traffic situation worse or arrive spread over a long timespan, which makes it hard to estimate the personnel needed at the event location correctly. Triply concepts help get guests to your location right on time and also prevent traffic jams caused by too many cars arriving at the same time at your location.
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Our planning process

Concept Generation

We gather data about the event itself, it’s target group and location.

Stop Selection & Routing

We automatically generate stop location individually for each event. They can then be adapted by the event organiser and will later be grouped into bus routes.

Ticket Sales

As soon as the conception phase is finished, the ticket sales can be started. This can either be done in the triply-shop, or with a shop solution that’s already in use at the event. 


During the concept execution phase, the software continuously improves the bus concept according to current ticket sales statistics. 

Vehicles and Trip

All needed  vehicles are automatically brokered to local bus companies, which conduct all trips in triply concepts.

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