With triply we will reshape mobility across the board by supporting our customers in creating sustainable mobility solutions together.

For us, sustainability means reconciling social, ecological and economic aspects. triply helps to precisely identify mobility problems and their causes and facilitates the planning and implementation of suitable solutions for the management of visitor flows, the design of mobility offers by companies and the mobility management of communities.

Visitor Flow Management

Existing transport infrastructure often reaches its capacity limits, during short spikes in transport demand, for instance during events, which is why short-term alternative solutions are needed. Triply offers the possibility of estimating visitors' routes in advance and providing alternative mobility solutions for transport. The stop finding and routing are optimized by an underlying triply algorithm, which saves money and valuable time.

Transit Management

The real effects of changes in public transport networks are complex and often estimated on the basis of incomplete data, which increases the risk of poor decisions. Triply offers a possibility to clearly display the coverage of public transport systems and to visualize the effects that future changes (e.g. construction sites, additional stops, ...) will have on accessibility. The interactive map can be used both as a basis for planning and for external communication.

Corporate Mobility Analysis

While companies were previously only responsible for providing enough parking spaces for their employees, the topic of corporate mobility is increasingly moving into the spotlight. Due to increasing sustainability standards and future regulations regarding corporate CO2 emissions, companies are increasingly more incentivised to proactively shape the mobility of their employees. We help companies understand both their own and their employees' existing mobility problems and support them in planning and implementing appropriate improvement measures.

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